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There are several types of empowerment available through our firm. Whether it is education empowerment through "The Wealth Archive"or physical opportunities for empowerment such as different ways to not only protect yourself and your family via our many insurance services but also affording you the power to never be a victim of your circumstances or of corporations, police, landlords, or vendors who you pay for services.


Another form of empowerment we offer is a career/unique business ownership opportunities and franchise ownership that are recession and depression proof.


One of the most important forms of empowerment we offer includes: empowering your family for the inevitable eventuality of your death, whether untimely or after a long fulfilling life. Preparing your family for this event financially and educationally is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Click the link below to get more information on our insurance offerings.

The Wealth Archive is a online educational empowerment platform consisting of a free online chronicle filled with wealth secrets, a paid educational resource meticulously created in the form of a virtual course which provides much more comprehensive and surprisingly extensive old knowledge that keeps the wealthy, rich for generations. This formula can be easily and readily be applied to immediately change your life and the lives of your family. 

As a part of our Charitable efforts, a division of our parent corporation through "The Global Collective, Corp" we educate highschool and college students via our Wealth Cultivation initiative available through our Firm and its subsequent franchises. Click the link below to access the Wealth Archive.

One of our most liberating forms of empowerment we offer includes: Legal insurance which provides you access to a Legal team and law firm on retainer. Accessible Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM with unlimited claims and you also get 24/7 365 emergency access. This Legal insurance isn't just for people with legal issues, this service will handle, speeding tickets, disputes with anyone mis treating you from your landlord to your cell phone company, your estate planning and Will creation free, including updates yearly for life.  Click the link below to get more information on our insurance offerings.

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