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Once you sign up for your license course, you should expect to dedicate roughly two to three weeks to complete the course or a little more if you are applying for your Life and Health License. (Health licenses require more continued education)

After you pass you test, you can apply for your license and get fingerprinted. Keep physical and digital records of state license numbers, national producer numbers, and any other aspects of your new insurance business for quick easy reference. We like using notes in your phone and documents for things like this. Once your license is issued, let the person who sent you this link know and then you will start to receive your contracts from each carrier. 

Complete those contracts ASAP, the faster you get appointed with each carrier, the sooner you can start protecting families. Select as earned for the payment type for each carrier. More on this on the next page. Complete the full requirements in the portal and get E&O insurance if you intend to sell;  IUL, GUL, or Term Insurance. We like the company CalSurance Associates it's easy to set up and affordable.

Once you get the email from each carrier with where to go to log in, go and register with each carrier and save your log in info and agent numbers for each somewhere safe. The entire process generally from start (signing up for course) to finish (able to write business) typically takes a month. 


Below are the steps that you will need to follow to obtain your State Life Insurance License.


Please read the steps very carefully. Call your inviter, if you have any questions!


There are 4 Steps to obtain your Life Insurance License:

1. Complete a Pre-licensing Course. 
Go: to 
Promo Code: MCc48


2. Schedule & Pass a Licensing Exam. 
Go to:
Schedule your licensing exam the day you start your course so that you can lock in a date three weeks out.


3. Apply for State License online.
Go to:
and complete the application.

4. Get Fingerprinted.
Go to:
and schedule and appointment. 


Reach out to the person who invited you to this opportunity for the next steps to start the contracting process with the many carriers NASB 


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