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Here we will disclose the truth about life insurance that has been suppressed to preserve the one percent's wealth generationally and keep the 99% poor and middle class. Are you ready?

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Life Insurance has been used by the Rockefeller's for generations : It's the reason 150 members of that family today are able to live off just the interest of the original money earned by the patriarch of the family John D. Rockefeller 100+ years ago. Luckily he has left us with a roadmap to perpetuate wealth generationally.

  • Step #1 The Rockerfellers have life insurance on every single member of the family from birth owned by a Family Trust. With our Legal Subscription you can ask your law firm on retainer about setting up a family Trust of your own.  These trust owned policies are non related to the individual policies that the parents, grandparents or individuals may have on themselves. No matter how you look at it, the money is flowing!

  • Step #2  The family trust/bank manages generational assets and operate as the beneficiary for each Rockerfeller's policy. The Rockerfeller's Family Trust is run like a business vs a family structure. Each member of the family receives basic lifestyle allowances monthly from the Trust, But if they want to withdrawal any large sums they must petition the Trustees for access to money. In order to even submit a successful request the purpose of the funds must be productive ie; starting a business, investments, education, philanthropy etc., they cannot petition the Trustee for money to buy a bugatti car for themselves and all of their friends. If approved the distribution of funds is eventually owed back to the Trust. If the family member dies before repayment is completed the life insurance policy on that family member wipes out the debt and perpetuates generational wealth.

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Most people fail to see the value of Life Insurance for the living and that error costs them magical amounts money. Permanent types of life insurance afford a special benefit called cash value. It accrues overtime as you make payments into your policy at between 4-8%.

Many Icons like Walt Disney, Ray Croc (Founder of McDonalds), JC Penny and more used their substantial life insurance policies while they were living to fund their dreams and save their businesses from ruin. Walt Disney was not able to get funding from a bank to fund Disney Land and instead was able to pull his cash value from his policy to produce one of the most iconic wonders of the modern world. Warren Buffett, Oprah and more billionaires of our current generations invest heavily in Life insurance as a living asset. This is what we call "Wealth Cultivation" Learn more about this in

The Wealth Archive our Educational Platform teaching the secrets of the 1%.

Through a process called infinite banking you effectively become your own bank and will not have to undergo a credit check or wait for approval to access your accrued cash value. And because technically the life insurance company gives you a policy loan using your cash value as collateral your money continues to grow even once you've withdrawn it as long as certain requirements are met.. What other investment vehicle on the planet grows money thats no longer there?

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It is almost impossible to save your way to being "Rich", you may be able to save your way to being comfortable, but wealth requires something more. Step #3 in the plan of the Rockerfellers is not just to buy life insurance on every family member but to "overfund it" which amplifies your already growing cash value into something that can at times even mirror the stock markets growth but with one important can't lose money when this incredible investment vehicle is structured correctly. Not only that but unlike the stock market your gains aren't taxable in most cases and accessible to you at anytime. 

Major Banks park Billions of dollars in overfunded Life Insurance while they pay us a meager 0.01% in our savings accounts, yet they continuously earn between 4-14% or more in these Life insurance investment containers.

Life Insurance is likely the most stable and secure investment that exists. It was in fact the Life Insurance companies that bailed out the banks during the great depression.

Are you ready to even the playing field?

Get your own life insurance policy that you can overfund and build generational wealth.

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