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To My Beneficiary

I chose you!


You are receiving this message because I just protected myself and by extension my loved ones with life insurance. I chose L|I|F|E Firm, Inc for my family’s protection needs. As a part of their services; they help me protect my investment by ensuring that all my beneficiaries are aware of what to do when the time comes and I have passed on.

In a recent year almost 7.5 billion dollars of life insurance pay outs were unclaimed by beneficiaries, and every year boats similar figures. To prevent you and I from being a victim of this atrocity, L|I|F|E Firm, Inc has created this guide for you.


Upon my death; this is what is expected of you:


  • My part: I will be sure to let you know where my physical or electronic policy documents are for ease of access-ability.

  • Your Part: You will need to gather my death certificate, obituary and complete claims forms available on this website or directly from the insurance company. You will contact the insurance company directly via the phone number contained within my insurance documents and provide them my policy number and inform them of my passing.

  • Claim Process: You will then mail them the documents you have collected and the completed forms. Once they have received them, they will issue you a check typically within 2-3 weeks.

  • Please note: if I pass within the first two policy years the life insurance company is entitled to complete an investigation to insulate themselves against insurance fraud. This process can take a few to several months.

  • Funeral arrangements: You will contact the funeral home that will be handling the arrangements and provide them my name, the policy numbers and tell them the amount you wish to invest in my final arrangements. DO NOT DIVULGE THE TOTAL POLICY AMOUNT. Many Funeral service companies will try to find out the total policy amount from you to use as leverage to inflate the cost of their services. Withholding that information allows you to negotiate the price of services without fear of anyone taking advantage of you at the worst possible time.

  • If the two-year period of contest-ability is over : most funeral homes will take the policy number as collateral to perform the funeral services in advance of payment.

  • If the two-year period of contest-ability has not been completed : You will need to secure other means to pay for the funeral until the company has concluded their investigation and confirms the claim will be paid.

  • Will & Testament: Refer to my last Will and Testament, for any wishes of how the funds are to be utilized.



I had the foresight to realize that the day will eventually come where I will no longer be here. It is my goal not to leave a burden on my family to handle my final expenses. I intend also to leave my family if possible in a better position financially to help future generations prosper. As my beneficiary I expect you to exercise similar foresight and plan for the inevitable. So, I want to help you begin the process, regardless of if you have current coverage or not please follow the steps below:


  • If you have a permanent Life Insurance policy, put your hands on your current policy and be sure all policy documents are up to date and in a secure location.

  • Inform your beneficiaries, in a similar thorough fashion as I have for you...exactly what is expected of them at the time of your passing.

  • I would even suggest going as far as contacting your current insurance company and confirming that everything is as you desire it; death benefit, monthly payment, type of coverage, cash value etc. Including confirming the policy is permanent protection and not temporary. You can also request duplicate policies for your records and for your beneficiaries.

  • If you do not have permanent protection in place or would like more coverage, I refer you to L|I|F|E Firm and I’m certain they will take as good care of you as they have me. 🙂


Should you need it - Click the button below to learn more about the kinds of protection available to you and to see what you qualify for.

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