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  • Almost everyone according to LIMRA international's Life Insurance ownership study: 

  • 75% of American families agree that life insurance is the best way to protect against the financial hardship from the death of a primary wage earner. 

  • Of those who have life insurance 40% of people believe they need more.

  • 29% Of American's want to discuss life insurance with a financial professional.

  • 70% of American's think periodic review of existing coverage is needed.


  • An average of five people a day or 31 people a week die in Georgia accidents. 

  • Top 8 Leading Causes of Death as of  2017 in GA: 1. Heart Disease  2. Cancer 3. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease 4. Accidents 5. Stroke 6. Alzheimer's disease 7. Diabetes 8. Kidney Disease 


  • 22% of U.S. households have no life insurance at all

  • 75% of Americans who need more insurance think they can't afford the premiums. Consumers consider the purchase of life insurance an important and complex decision.

  • 40% of people worry about making the wrong decision & would appreciate guidance

  • 33% Of consumers say no one has ever approached them about buying life insurance.


  • Life Insurance can do more than prevent your family from experiencing financial hardship by burdening them with your final expenses. Life Insurance can also be used to drastically change the quality of life of your surviving family. We call this "Legacy Creation" by creating a Will and Testament through our legal services or your own independent legal counsel and by ensuring your beneficiaries are educated and empowered with Financial Literacy through

  • "The Wealth Archive" or other effective means you can create the framework for generation wealth for your descendants.

  • Life Insurance has been used by the Rockerfeller's for generations and is the reason 150 members of that family today are able to live off the interest of the original money earned by the patriarch of the family John D. Rockerfeller 100+ years ago. Luckily he has left us with a roadmap to perpetuate wealth generationally.

  • Life Insurance is arguably one of the safest financial investments you can make. If structured correctly this investment vehicle can serve you while you are alive as your own infinite banking system. It's cash value and overfunding opportunities make it a great place to capture and grow excess cash tax free.  

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