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Only 59% of Americans have Life Insurance and about half of those Americans are under insured according to LIMRA. The main issue is; most of the nine million households who do have some form of protection have what is called group coverage. This is usually provided through an employer or group affiliation and  is non-permanent and non-portable so if the insured were to get laid off, quit or retire the benefits promptly end. 

Which is further exasperated by the fact that most employees covered by a group policy don't know what they have or how to ensure their loved ones can claim the benefits if something were to happen to them.

LIMRA estimates a deficit in about $225,00 of coverage per household. 


Join our team of the fastest growing final expense company in the country, whose parent company "Integrity"is the third fastest growing company in the US in any category or industry. Our team is comprised of dedicated, purpose oriented individuals that have the fortuitous blessing of changing the quality of life for families across America each and every day!


Beginning with their own, through a brilliantly devised residual income structure that provides the most unique wealth building framework available in any industry, that is rapidly growing, recession proof and deemed essential. 

  • Choose a new career that protects and thus empowers your clients, their families now and on the worst day of their lives.

  • Benefit from a limitless income infrastructure, that allows you to get paid daily and continue earning year after year for protecting each family. Your residual earnings are "will-able" to your love ones. 

  • Enjoy the Freedom to work in person or over the phone from anywhere in the World and the liberating experience of creating your own schedule and taking vacations as you desire.

  • Expand the reach of your humanitarian efforts as well as the revenue you earn through working in multiple states.

  • Receive 100% vesting, day one in every client or family you protect.  

  • Gain access to Leads for people who are requesting life insurance quotes and protections. No need to rely on the generating your own business.

  • Join a team of like-minded ethical and principle driven licensed brokers who will support you, have fun with you, and help you change the lives of your family and those you protect. 

  • Be able to put your clients first, by being a broker vs an agent who only works for one carrier. This provides you access to mostly protect everyone with immediate no wait approvals as well as eliminate waiting periods for most seniors. 

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Reach out to the person who invited you to this opportunity for the next steps to start the contracting process with the many carriers NASB 


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