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SUCESS - What to Expect Next?

LaOta or a member of her team will reach out you within 48hrs to provide an estimated quote based on the information you provided within the application. You will then have the ability to finalize your coverage amount ask any lingering questions and make any requests. We will also inform you of the specific insurance company that you've been paired with and why. Please save the phone number 404-913-9428 in your contacts under Life Insurance Firm, and kindly be expecting our call. If we don't immediately get you, we will attempt to make contact via text.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than one person to protect please go back to the self service tab in the menu and complete an application for each adult (18 years or older). For children 17 and younger select child's application from the self service application page or from the menu.

Once your application has been approved along with any others you are protecting you will receive a confirmation text from us, providing a overview of all who we covered, type of protection, amounts, riders, due dates etc. for your simplified reference. You will also receive a physical or electronic copy of each policy within 30 days typically of the first policy payment received. 

IMPORTANT: In a recent year almost 7.5 billion of life insurance pay outs were unclaimed by beneficiaries and every year boats similar figures. To prevent you from being a victim of this atrocity, L|I|F|E Firm, Inc has created this guide for you to send your beneficiary informing them, you have selected them for this honor and acquainting them with the steps to claim your investment at the appropriate time. Please click on the button below and share that link with your beneficiaries.



Now that you have taken this essential step to protect yourself and your loved ones, kindly take a moment to think of anyone close to you that, should they pass tomorrow would affect you emotionally or financially. Those are the individuals who you will want to share why you made the decision to get Life Insurance with and encourage them to protect you, in the same way you have protected them.


You can do so by simply clicking on the button below ⬇️ and sharing that link with them. You will also receive $40 in merchandise: clothing or jewelry from our partners for each referred loved one, who apply’s, is approved and begins coverage. 



We recommend pairing your life insurance protection with legal and identity protection. With the additional legal subscription you affectively gain a Law Firm on retainer that will help you resolve numerous legal or even inconvenient issues such as: Creating your "Will" to ensure distribution of the funds exactly how you desire (this Will can be updated yearly for free as long as your membership is still in affect), traffic violations, disputes with landlords, plus other service providers and much more. Click the link below to learn how $29.99 per month can insulate you just like your life insurance, against the unexpected, unfortunate and down right irritating things life throws at you!

Feel free to text us at 404-913-9428 with any questions!

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