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Melaluca is a long awaited solution to an age old problem. How do you offer protection for your family from harmful ingredients and make it easy?


Well Melaluca is the answer, powered by powerful plant derived ingredients that provide bio degradable solutions to everyday products. Melaluca products makes it possible for you to live clean and provide a safer home and environment for you and generations to come. 

Explore Melaluca's vast product catalogue, servicing most of your familes needs from nutrition and household products to health and beauty. 

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How it works:

Enroll as a member via the exclusive invitation link sent to you by your membership coordinator. If you have not received a link request one from the person who invited you to access this page.

(this step is very important)

You have two membership options:

1. Regular membership: No fee to sign up to start shopping, no monthly product commitment and can access some Melaluca member perks. Pay full retail price for products. 


2. Preferred member: To keep your preferred membership status shop for 36 product points each month, easily replacing less health conscious items you would usually buy from the grocery store monthly. Set a back up order, incase you forget to place your monthly order. Save 30-50% on each product not available on the regular membership.


Learn to earn; watch short product video's and earn points, to get free products each month. Enjoy super quick shipping as early as next day and if you choose the preferred membership option, you also will be eligible for savings on each product while protecting your family from harmful chemicals.

Pay a small annual fee of $19 + tax

(ask if there is a current promotion)

Refer others to Melaluca as a preferred member and earn residual income.

What does Melaluca have to offer:


Melaluca has comprehensive; skin care and beauty lines, nutritional supplements that target each major system of the body + total health, hair care product lines, bath and body products, laundry care system, entire home cleaning products including cleaning wipes to replace Clorox wipes. Melaluca also boasts a robust section dedicated to food and weight management, essential oils and more all proven to be as effective if not more, than the leading brands. 


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